If you wish to attend our kindergarten on a daily basis, the price is 35€ per day. For the monthly attendance, the price is 500€. If you have an Estonian residence permit, you might be eligible for a discount. In this case, contact us for a more detailed information.

The tuition fee includes three meals per day, English and Estonian classes, music and art lessons, participation in general activities, ice skating rink, outside and inside activities.

Additional costs

  • Entrance badge – 5€. If you will return us the badge in a working condition, we will reimburse you this cost.
  • Early end of the attendance contract – 55€
  • Being late for picking up your child, arriving after 18.00 – 20€
  • Voluntary participation in additional activities such as singing lessons or extra sports lessons – 20€ per month if attended 2 times per week, 10€ per month if attended once per week.
  • Consultation with a psychologist or a speech impediment specialist (if needed in addition to an initial yearly consultation, free of charge) – the cost of speech therapist services – 12€ for a lesson, a psychologist – 18€ euros for a lesson (child), (25 euros for a parent).
  • Creation of a child profile with expert opinions of psychologist, speech impediment specialist, senior pedagogue 25€

According to the Estonian law about Private schools (§ 22 lg.6.), the school has a right to raise tuition fees.

We would like to remind you that if you engage in a long-term attendance of our kindergarten, we do not make any discounts for the days when your child was sick or not attending for other reasons (unless if the time of leave was more than one month and you have prevented us about it in advance in writing).

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