Edu Valem, founded in 2004, is a kindergarten that cultivates pupil’s interests, it’s a place where children are truly loved.

We create for our pupils an atmosphere of love and curiosity which helps children develop their talents and acquire new knowledge.

We are passionate about our work, we like preparing our classes and are always glad to welcome new children. We value their individuality and look after them with care.

At Edu Valem, we teach children how to read, count, speak English, Russian and Estonian. We dance, we sing, we organise theatre plays, and we are always happy to celebrate birthdays and holidays.

Edu Valem is a place where children get prepared for school: they read, solve logical problems, learn writing, develop their language skills as well as their artistic potential. They learn the basic of anatomy and set up scientific experiments. We also practice storytelling during our classes.

Also, we have an ice skating rink, and a “pet corner”. Our kindergarten is a very interesting place!